Iris Van Herpen Couture Herbst/Winter 2012-2013 Bilder: Michel Zoeter
look 1
Layered blue plastic sheet coat
look 2
Swarovski beaded short gold bodysuit with tentacles
look 3
Burgundy catsuit made from calf hair and metallic coated strips
look 4
Layered black plastic sheet top with hidden sleeves with layered black plastic sheet pencil skirt
look 5
Strapless layered plastic black sheet dress
look 6
Metallic champagne Ecco leather snake dress
look 7
Dress from silver chains braided with leather, connected by metallic aubergine strips
look 8
Dress from layered black plastic strips
look 9
Dress from aubergine metallic coated strips and skin colored lace with silicon details
look 10
Voluminous red copper dress from metallic coated strips
look 11
3D printed dress from a polymer material
look 12
Short dress made from copper strips